Why the site?

I work as a software developer at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. My first task on the job was to migrate about 100 websites from an old home-grown content management system to Umbraco. In the course of moving all those websites I had to write many custom macros to add features that our end users needed. Umbraco is a highly-flexible CMS product, but I have found that the documentation for some of the features I have needed is quite lacking. So, I have setup this site to share some of the code I have figured out to meet my needs in customizing the system, as well as to share custom solutions I have written to integrate with Umbraco. Check back often as I add code snippets and macros for your use.

Note - jQuery in Use

It should be noted that I do make use of jQuery in many of my macros when using javascript. We are including the jQuery library on all of our pages. If you are not doing so, you will either need to include jQuery or modify the javascript to use standard javascript where I am using jQuery.