Code Samples

Note - jQuery in Use

It should be noted that I do make use of jQuery in many of my macros when using javascript. We are including the jQuery library on all of our pages. If you are not doing so, you will either need to include jQuery or modify the javascript to use standard javascript where I am using jQuery.

Export Form Data - A macro to allow the end user to directly export their form data to CSV without having to give them access to the Contour portion of Umbraco.

Restrict User Access - A macro to restrict access to a page based on user name or user group membership.

News Feed - A macro to display a folder of news items, rolling the child items up into the feed with a short preview.

Newsletter - Very similar to the News Feed, this macro uses the same news folder with child news items to display the contents as a newsletter.

Quiz - A macro to display an online quiz and mail the results to a specified email address.

Site Map - A simple site map macro.

FreeForm - A complete free forms solution for use with Umbraco (or any system that supports .NET user controls)