Full Control of Your Forms

FreeForm gives you full control over the design of your forms. Unlike Contour, you can layout your forms with tables, divs, whatever HTML styling you choose. Enter the code for your form manually, or use the included WYSIWYG ckeditor to build your form. Enter custom CSS, custom javascript, reference external javascript files, and even build the custom report for your form. Give users direct access to export form data and even allow your power users to manage their own forms.

Multiple Authentication Options

FreeForm can use its own built-in authentication, validating new accounts via an encrypted email link, or you can enter an optional LDAP setting to authenticate via your local Active Directory if you are using this as a solution on your AD-based network. Individual forms can be completely unauthenticated, can use a simple list of passwords that are authorized to access the form, or users can login with a username and password to access the form. When users login to a form with a username and password they can choose to save their form or submit their form. This is great for very long forms where a user might want to start filling out the form, save their progress, logout, then come back later and complete the form before submitting.

Powerful Workflow Options

You have full control over what happens after a form is submitted. Not only can you choose whether to simply show a message or redirect to another URL, but you can create an unlimited number of powerful workflow options, such as: Send Email, Save as File, Post as XML, Post as JSON, Post to URL, Post to Database, Filter Records, Delete Record, and more. You can include form fields in your emails, and can even create custom variables to generate dynamic content based on form data.

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